04. Work Structure

CL-Windcon project is organized around four technical core and three supportive work packages under the following timeline:

CL-Windon Timeline


WP1- Wind farm control-oriented model development
It solves all the project needs in terms of developing models which bridge the gap of state-of-the-art wind farm modelling, and defining reference wind farms with which the subsequent WPs are able to coordinate their own developments and validations. In addition, WP1 also creates pre-processor and post-processor tools in order to facilitate the evaluation of different models and control solutions.


WP2- Wind Farm Flow control technologies and algorithms
Development of control technologies to optimize the performance of wind farms in real- time by creating algorithms for axial induction control and wake redirection, as well as wind turbine control improvements which help to cover wind farm flow control needs in an integrated approach.


WP3- Demonstration and Validation of Prototypes
Validation of the modelling tools developed in WP1, and demonstration and validation of the wind turbine and wind farm control methods developed in WP2, through high-fidelity simulations, wind tunnel tests and full-scale wind farm test.


WP4- Feasibility
WP4 assesses from different perspectives the feasibility and benefits of the new control technology when applied on an industrial scale and provides guidance on the implementation rationales at wind turbine and wind farm level, for both existing and newly designed farms. Life Cycle Cost (LCC), Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and LCoE evaluations are also performed. Finally, potential modifications in existing wind power plant standards due to wind farm control algorithms are examined.


WP5- IPR, Exploitation, Dissemination and Communication of results
IPR protection, dissemination, communication and technology transfer activities to ensure the full exploitation of the innovations and scientific results is carried out.


WP6- Management
Coordination of all the activities to attain timely tasks results, efficient grant agreement, quality procedures and operative risk management.


WP7- Ethics requirements
To ensure compliance with applicable ethics requirements.