03. Main objectives


1. Development of new control algorithms that treat the entire wind plant as a holistic controls optimization problem.

2. To optimize energy capture for individual assets with the wind turbine-centric controls.

3. To develop a better understanding of the wind flow resource, and its dynamics between wind turbines.


1. To evaluate how the novel control algorithms impact the reliability of the wind farm optimizing the operation and maintenance costs, hence easing the deployment of renewable wind energy within the energy mix and accelerating its roll-out.

2. To evaluate the total economic worth of the new wind farm control algorithms maximizing the potential payoffs coming from the new technology and contributing to the European Security of Supply


To evaluate the overall value chain of the new control strategy through a Life Cycle Assessment, including supplies, production, distribution, use and disposal as well as all intervening transportation steps necessary or caused by the equipment’s existence. This is especially relevant in case of modifications of existing wind farms


1. Creation of green business opportunities and jobs, fostering the European competitiveness and increasing the public acceptance of wind energy.

2. To improve design norms affecting the loads and power performance of individual wind turbines by integrating new designs of the wind farm and the individual wind turbines.