05. Expected impacts


The novel control methodologies applied to existing or new wind farms will derive in reducing the technological risks and increasing significantly technology performance by load mitigation, fault tolerance improvement and energy capture. This will contribute to the development and strengthening of the European wind technology base and the industrial capacity of wind farm operators.


The CL-Windcon results will increase the reliability and lifetime while decreasing operation maintenance cost and reducing life-cycle environmental impact with material cost savings and O&M reduction. This will represent a real opportunity to boost the wind technology markets, providing additional energy capture for new and existing wind power plants and reducing the total LCoE.


The new business opportunity will encourage both offshore and onshore installations setting them in a more competitive position with respect to other energy generation sources, greening even more the countries energy mix. This will contribute to solving the global climate and energy challenges by saving CO2 emissions.


The development and industrial application of the new technology will strength the European industrial technology base and will promote new investment and business activities. This will mainly impact in the opportunities for skilled European workers by increasing the demand of high-quality jobs.