CL-Windcon has arranged a well-balanced consortium between academia, research centres and industrial partners, representing 6 different countries: Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Denmark, United Kingdom and Spain. In total, the consortium is formed by five universities, three research centres and seven industrial partners. This balanced mix of academic research, applied research and industrial partnerships completes a perfect map which covers all the stakeholders in the wind energy field, from academia to end users of the intended control technologies.

ENEL Green PowerENEL Green Power
University of StuttgartUniversity of Stuttgart
Technical University of MunichTechnical University of Munich
Polit├ęcnico Milano 1863Polit├ęcnico Milano 1863
IK4 IkerlanIK4 Ikerlan
Aalborg UniversityAalborg University
QiEurope Technology to MarketQiEurope Technology to Market
Zabala Innovation ConsultingZabala Innovation Consulting

The project counts with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) as an external advisor.