Public deliverables

In this section, all public and approved deliverables of the project are available providing technical insights on CL-Windcon developments.

D1.1: Definition of reference wind farms and simulation scenarios



D1.2: Description of the reference and the control-oriented  wind farm models

CL-Windcon-D1.2-Wind farm models


D1.3: A common pre- and post-processor for wind farm simulations



D1.4: Classification of control-oriented models for wind farm control applications

CL-Windcon-D1.4-Classification control oriented models


D2.1: Minimal loading wind turbine de-rating strategy and active yaw controllers

CL-Windcon-D2.1-Wind turbine controllers


D2.2: Methodology for active load control

CL-Windcon-D2.2-Active load control


D2.3: Control methodology for induction based control and for wake redirection control



D2.4: Minimal loading power curtailment control techniques

CL-Windcon-D2.4-Minimal loading power-DraftFinal


D2.5: Integrated wind farm controllers

CL-Windcon-D2.5-Integrated wind farm controllers


D3.1: Definition of wind tunnel testing conditions

CL-Windcon-D3.1-Definition wind tunnel testing


D3.2: Definition of field-testing conditions

CL-Windcon-D3.2-Definition field testing


D3.3: Demonstration of wind turbine controllers and supporting technologies by simulations

CL-Windcon-D3.3-Demonstration WT controllers


D3.4: Testing in the wind tunnel of wind turbines controllers

CL-Windcon-D3.4-Testing wind tunnel turbine controllers


D4.1: Assessment of controller key performance indicators & Guidelines on controller application for the management of existing wind farms

CL-Windcon-D4.1-Assessment of controller key performance indicators & Guidelines on controller application for the management of existing wind farms


D4.2: Hardware and infrastructure conditions for energy capture and fatigue improvements

CL-Windcon-D4.2-Hardware and infrastructure conditions


D4.3: Optimized farm layout

CL-Windcon-D4.3-Optimized farm layout


D4.4: Feasibility by re-design

CL-Windcon-D4.4-Feasibility by re-design


D4.5: Operation and maintenance cost modelling

CL-Windcon-D4.5-Operation and maintenance cost modelling


D4.6: Cost-benefits analysis

CL-Windcon-D4.6-Cost-benefits analysis


D4.7: Review on Standards and Guidelines

CL-Windcon-D4.7-Review on standards and guidelines


D5.2: Business Models

CL-Windcon-D5.2-Feasibility analysis business models and business plan


D5.5: Training Sessions

CL-Windcon-D5.5-Training sessions


D5.6: Report Communication Plan and clustering with other projects (revision)



D5.11: Report Communication Plan and clustering with other projects (first version)



D6.1: On line collaboration platform

CL-Windcon-D6.1-Online collaboration platform


D6.2: Process Handbook and documents templates

CL-Windcon-D6.2-Process handbook