Deliverable D2.4: Minimal loading power curtailment control techniques

The purpose of this deliverable is to describe a novel wind farm power curtailment control strategy that aims to distribute the loads evenly among the wind turbines in such a way that the accumulated fatigue loading over the operational lifetime is balanced as much as possible.

To this end, the deliverable report first describes the different types of power curtailment functions at farm level, and their implementation in the wind turbine controllers. Subsequently, the methodology behind the newly proposed loads-balancing power curtailment strategy on farm level is presented.

Some initial simulation results are presented in D2.4. These results indicate that the new wind farm curtailment control algorithm operates properly when coupled with the Fast.Farm software. Later on, in Deliverable D3.5, the curtailment control algorithm has been more extensively validated.

You can get the complete document from our download section.