Deliverable D2.3: Control methodology for induction based control and for wake redirection control

The aim of Work Package 2 of the European CL-Windcon project is the synthesis of wind turbine and wind farm control algorithms that aim to reduce the levelized cost of energy of wind farms. In this deliverable, D2.3, several control solutions were devised to address the problematic, inevitable wake forming in existing wind farms. These control solutions vary significantly; one solution employs a simplified mathematical model to optimize the turbine’s yaw angle enforcing a lateral force on the flow and displacing the wake. A second method focuses on “shaking” the rotor blades to induce turbulence behind the rotor and enhance wake recovery. A third algorithm focuses on multi-objective optimization by combining the minimization of structural loads on the turbines with the maximization of the turbine power extraction. Other solutions address the uncertainty, variability and dynamic nature of the wind and mathematical models, often ignored in the existing literature.

A subset of these algorithms have been tested in further phases of the project through high-fidelity simulations, performing experimental tests at the the Politecnico di Milano wind tunnel, and through field experiments at the Sedini wind farm in Italy.

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