Deliverable D4.2: Hardware and infrastructure conditions for energy capture and fatigue improvements

The deliverable reports the effect of the proposed wind farm control algorithms on the operations of existing wind farms in terms of energy capture, hardware and communication infrastructure and power system compliance. Developed control techniques and their application in existing wind farms are analyzed. The impact of these techniques for grid supporting is also studied.

The purpose of the studies developed within Deliverable 4.2 is to maximize the energy production, as well as balancing loads following key performance indicators which evaluate and quantify the performance of the system.

The report is structured in seven chapters. The first two chapters summarize and highlight the objectives to be accomplished and the purpose of the task. The definition of key performance indicators for evaluation and quantification of the performance of the system are presented in chapter 3. The fourth part is focused on the necessary hardware and communication infrastructure for the application of wind farm control methods developed in WP2. The impact of the control methods on wind farms is analyzed in chapter number 5. The sixth division of the deliverable studies the impact of de-rating in power system response. Finally the last part of D4.2 emphasizes the main achievements, comparing them to the initial objectives of the deliverable, concluding with the accomplishments of the goals of the report.

During the development of this report the applicability of the project´s control strategies to real world wind farms is assessed, and it is started to understand their effects on farm efficiency and grid integration.

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