Deliverable D3.4: Testing in the wind tunnel of wind turbine controllers

Wind tunnel experiments play an essential part in the study of the flow within a wind farm. The quantity and the quality of measurements achievable in a wind tunnel, along with the possibility to repeat a single experiment in a controlled environment whose boundary conditions are well-known, renders the wind tunnel experiments extremely valuable to generate data to be used for validating mathematical models.

The wind tunnel testing activities performed during the first two years of CL-Windcon project are the object of this deliverable. These testing campaigns were executed in the Politecnico di Milano installations with the goal of providing the project partners, and the international wind energy community, with valuable experimental data in order to support the development of technologies related to wind farm control.

During the development of this report, a huge amount of experimental data related to the flow within the wake in different ambient conditions, along with the related wind turbine measurements have been obtained and made available to the international community. At the same time, the characteristics of the wake shed by a single wind turbine and by a cluster of two wind turbine models were studied. The effects on the wake recovery, deficit and deflection of different wake control strategies were measured.

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