Deliverable D3.2: Definition of field-testing conditions

Deliverable 3.2 defines and describes the full scale field tests being executed at Enel Green Power´s (EGP) wind farm in Sedini (Italy) as part of Task 3.3 “Demonstration by full-scale testing” under WP3 “Demonstration and validation of prototypes”. An extensive field campaign has been planned at this site to investigate wake characterization for improved modelling of turbine interaction and demonstration of closed loop control, taking wind turbine couplings into account. The planned field tests comprise two types of experiments: first, simple turbine performance, loads and wake characterization for operation with yaw misalignment and reduced induction. These tests will allow to characterize the modelling space and to validate the simplified control oriented system models. The second type of test will be demonstration of farm control algorithms, where the newly developed algorithms are tested and validated against baseline performance.

All the experiments mentioned above were executed in a so-called toggle mode, i.e. switching between experiment mode and baseline mode in 30-60 minute intervals. This allows for similar environmental conditions and therefore better comparison between baseline and altered conditions. Also, during the experiments, selected turbines operated outside of this normal operation mode to ensure that the turbine operation was safe during all times.

Summarizing, this deliverable gives a detailed description of the planned field test. Based on the outcomes of WP1 and WP2, two types of experiments are proposed. The additional instrumentation that is needed for a thorough evaluation is described in detail in this deliverable as well as the expected time line.

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