Deliverable D3.1: Definition of wind tunnel testing conditions

One of the main validation activities of the project are the experiments performed at wind tunnel. These experiments have been performed in the wind tunnel facility of Politecnico di Milano (GVPM), a massive structure with a test section 4x14x40 (HxWxL) meters capable of housing multiple wind turbine models, in order to replicate a realistic wind farm.

Deliverable 3.1 reports the definition of the wind tunnel testing activities in the CL-Windcon project, including the description of the wind tunnel facility of Politecnico di Milano, the flow measurement techniques and the flow characteristics that will be adopted for the testing activity. Also, the G1 scaled wind turbines (designed and built by TUM) are described in terms of geometrical and aerodynamic features, presenting the measurement devices that allow achieving information on the turbine operation. The control system is presented as well, illustrating all possible control variables.

The wind tunnel activities cover a total of 45 testing days. The first tests (19.5 days in the first half of the project) regard the characterization of the single or multiple wind turbine wake and the performance of an array of wind turbines with possible wake control strategies (axial induction and yaw redirection), in order to provide input to the wind farm control strategies.

The last tests (25.5 days in the second half of the project), are devoted to test different wind farm control algorithms, developed using different theories, applying the concepts of induction and yaw control to the entire wind farm of scaled wind turbines.

The considered scenarios are realistic and will allow a quantitative characterization of the single turbine and coupled turbine/farm control performance. The coupled G1 wind turbine models / GVPM system represents an effective international scientific reference for wind energy experimentation. All the measured data are stored in a structure including all wind turbine operation information.

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