Deliverable D2.1: Minimal loading wind turbine de-rating strategy and active yaw controllers

The idea of wind turbine control as a preliminary step for wind farm control developed is treated in this deliverable. The new technologies required at farm level need to be analyzed from the fatigue loading optimization viewpoint and demand to go beyond usual modes of operation of wind turbines.

Therefore, different strategies and combinations for downregulation differentiating between below rated and above rated wind speed regimes are developed. In addition, active yaw control is treated, allowing the development of control techniques for misalignment with the wind direction to redirect the wake with an optimal balance with fatigue loading. As long as these farm control advances, some modifications and adjustments at turbine control level might be required to take into consideration.

All the strategies named above, need to be implemented in a common, flexible and transparent controller structure which will be used as a baseline in subsequent work. An open-source code also has been developed for its use in the near future, being available not only for CL-Windcon partners, but also for the whole wind energy control community. In conclusion, the code will also be open to the community, maximizing its impact and enabling its shared use as a basis for future work on wind farm control.

You can get the complete document from our download section.