Deliverable D1.3: A common pre- and post-processor for wind farms simulations

The third deliverable presents the development of a software toolbox for the pre- and post-processing of wind farm simulations. This new structure developed allows storing all wind turbine/farm specific information as well as simulation specific information for tools of different fidelity. In the same way, the toolbox fulfills the need for having a common definition of wind farms/turbines to be able to exchange wind farm/turbine information without having format constraints.

A common pre-processing is established, which generates the inputs for each simulation tool. With this implementation the information of a wind farm/turbine in the reference structure can be used by creating input files of different wind farm simulation tools.

Another important point is that using the post-processing toolbox, the simulation data of different tools are fed in and analyses functions for the comparison of data are applied.

You can get the complete document from our download section.