CanWEA review on Wind Energy and Bat Conservation

Wind energy is playing an important role in the environment protection through the production of clean, renewable energy. But in addition, the wind industry is also committed in wild life conservation by finding ways to minimize potential impacts from wind parks operation.

One of the vulnerable species that can be affected are bats, which can fatally collide with operational wind turbines and other structures. The wind industry in collaboration with academia, government scientists and conservation organizations has been contributing to the knowledge of the bats interaction with wind turbines in order to apply risk mitigation actions. Now, the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) has gone one step further and has commissioned DNV GL to gather all the available information accumulated over the last several decades into a detailed review report. This report was released last week and it is available here:

CL-Windcon project is also committed to the environment protection and in particular to reducing the impact on wildlife during the wind farm level tests that it will be performing. A risk analysis is being taken within work package 7 of the project, and this report from CanWEA will help on the development of this task.