CL-Windcon presence at Torque 2018

During last week, Torque 2018 “The Science of Making Torque from Wind” conference was held at Milano with participation of CL-Windcon. This year the conference was chaired by our partner Alessandro Croce.

During the appetizers of the event, a CL-Windcon technical update meeting took place, with the attendance of Paul Fleming and Jennifer Annoni from the project external advisor NREL. The technical progress was reviewed and insightful discussions were maintained with our NREL fellows.

During the conference, CL-Windcon presence was very significant at the ‘Control and Monitoring’ and ‘Modeling and Simulation Technology’ sessions. Bart M. Doekemeijer from TU Delft presented parameter estimation techniques for control-oriented wind farm model. Steffen Raach from USTUTT showed project developments in LiDAR-based closed-loop wake redirection control. Irene Eguinoa from CENER explained results about the assessment of different derating strategies for upwind turbines from fatigue load perspective. Johannes Schreiber from TUM has presented a study of wind farm control potential based on SCADA data. Ervin Bossanyi from DNV-GL showed first insights for the combination of axial induction and yaw steering control for farm operation optimization, developed at the project. Sebastian Mulders from TU Delft presented Open Source wind turbine control contributions to the community. Marta Bertelè from TUM explained formulation for the estimation of wind shear and misalignments from rotor loads applied to IPC-controlled wind turbines. Chengyu Wang from TUM showed validation of large-eddy simulations of scaled wind turbines against experimental data. And Alberto Fortes from TUM presented a reduced-order model obtained by directly compressing high-fidelity CFD simulation data using the proper orthogonal decomposition (POD) for wake steering control.

You can download the different papers at: