IEA Wind Task 11 – TEM #88 (6th – 8th September, 2017 – Scotland)

CL-Windcon will be present at the next Topical Expert Meeting (TEM#88) organized by the IEA Wind Task 11 on “Three-way verification and validation between data, high-fidelity models and engineering models”, to be held in Scotland on 6th-8th September, 2017.

In the meeting, experts will share verification and validation (V&V) experience and discuss pathways for establishing future IEA Wind tasks in these areas. Three main topics will be covered: atmospheric flow and wake and array effect modelling; aero-elastic modelling of modern, large rotors; and hydrodynamic fluid-structure modelling of offshore wind support structures.

CENER will present CL-Windcon project and share the challenges that aerodynamic wind farm control opens in the V&V community, such as the integration of multi-fidelity models with different scales for better understanding of flow field and turbines interaction.

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